Laptop Backpacks

Deciding which laptop backpack would be the right choice for you may be a difficult task given the sheer number of models out there. The variety of laptop bags and laptop cases available is also a good thing, because you can find a model that suits your needs perfectly if you do your research. Some factors you should consider include your lifestyle and daily habits as well as the size of your laptop.

Laptop Size

Consider the size of your laptop before starting to look at backpacks, as this determines the kind of bag you need to purchase. Whether you are looking for a 15-inch laptop backpack or a larger 17-inch laptop backpack, you need to make sure that your bag of choice fits your exact model. As not all 15-inch laptops are created the same, for example, you'll need to measure your device to be certain it fits into the laptop sleeve.

Backpack Style

The two main types of laptop backpacks are zippered and top-loaders. As their name suggests, zippers feature a one or more zippers to seal the various compartments of the backpack. These are a suitable choice for those who want to keep all their items organized and separate. On the other hand, top-loader backpacks feature a single large compartment that opens from the top and features a protective flap that secures with Velcro or plastic buckles.


Because you will use your backpack to carry expensive electronics, it's important to consider the security factor of your laptop bag. This is especially important if you use your laptop for travelling. Look for a model with double zipper pulls that you can lock together for enhanced security. For top-loader models, try to find a backpack with a large flap that covers the whole pack.


Common materials used for laptop backpacks include nylon and polyester, which are suitable for those looking for durable, yet lightweight materials. Moreover, canvas is also durable but may not offer too much protection against the elements. Another option is memory foam, which is ideal for absorbing shocks and protecting your laptop inside.