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Laptop Batteries

Laptop batteries are generally the primary power source for laptop computers and, in most cases, slip into a recess manufactured into a laptop case for a low-profile and streamlined look. Laptop batteries utilise fuel cell technology, which stores power and allows the laptop to run without being connected to an outlet. Older laptop batteries utilise nickel cadmium cells, which retain relatively little power and contain toxic materials that make the batteries difficult to dispose of properly. Newer laptop batteries generally use lithium ion or lithium polymer cells, which are safer for the environment and hold charges longer.

Laptop Battery Cell Count

As with other batteries, the number of cells in laptop batteries corresponds to how long the laptop can last using that battery. Common cell counts for laptop batteries include 4-cell laptop batteries, 8-cell laptop batteries, 9-cell laptop batteries, 10-cell laptop batteries and 12-cell laptop batteries. In some cases, laptop batteries with larger cell counts are physically larger than those with smaller cell counts, with small protrusions from the back or bottom of the battery to hold additional cells.

Laptop Battery Capacity

Laptop battery capacity isn't affected only by the cell count, but by the design and function of the batteries. Nickel cadmium cell batteries, for example, may hold a very small amount of charge, roughly enough to power a laptop for roughly an hour. Newer batteries generally power laptops for several hours, sometimes up to 8 or 12 hours. Laptop batteries are easy to find in any capacity from 10.8 mAh up to 8800 mAh.

Common Laptop Battery Brands

Many laptop manufacturers produce spare and replacement batteries. Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba all manufacture aftermarket batteries for the majority of their laptops. However, some laptops, especially solid-state varieties, have fully-internal batteries that can be technically difficult to replace. Always make certain you can easily replace a laptop battery before seeking to replace it, or ensure you have the skills to replace a battery when it requires case removal.

Laptop Battery Accessories

Laptop batteries are often sold with additional accessories. These can include chargers for spare batteries; installation hardware, such as screws; or micro-screwdrivers and even installation manuals.