Sizing It Up

Laptop cases and bags are multi-functional. First up, they offer an easy and convenient way to carry around laptops and laptop accessories. This is essential for anyone who commutes to work with their laptop, or anyone who travels frequently and needs their laptop by their side. Secondly, laptop cases and bags can help to protect the laptop from damage, whether that means protecting it from scratches, from knocks or from any other type of damage laptops tend to face on a day-to-day basis. When choosing a laptop bag, there are plenty of important factors to think about before making a decision.   Quite obviously, the first thing to think about is the size of the laptop. Laptops come in a variety of sizes, from smaller notebooks to larger, full-size laptops. Getting the right size of laptop bag will help to keep the laptop protected, while keeping the bag as small as possible for the size of laptop being transported. Featuring a huge range of laptop and desktop accessories, eBay makes it super simple to search for laptop bags and cases in a variety of sizes. From the smaller bags designed to fit a 10” laptop or 12” laptop, to larger sized bags for a 13” laptop, 15” laptop or 17” laptop. It’s also a good idea to think about what else will be carried alongside the laptop. Some people need just their laptop, while others need essentials such as charger cables, a mouse and sometimes, an additional keyboard. Find a laptop bag that offers the extra pockets and travel space needed for all the accessories on board.

Finding the Look

While they may be functional, laptop cases and bags can also be stylish. They can double as backpacks or handbags, looking much the same as a regular bag or briefcase. If look is important, use eBay’s refining tools to check out laptop cases by style. This could be a backpack or a shoulder or messenger bag, it could be a portfolio case or bag, or it could be a shell or a sleeve case. It’s also possible to search by material, finding options that are made from materials like leather or neoprene. Simply search the options to find a style that offers the right look – and buy online for easy home delivery.