Laptop Cooling Pads

Did you know that an overheated laptop will run less efficiently and with a reduced battery life? In fact, a severely overheated laptop can cause irreparable damage to the internal components. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend using a laptop cooling pad.

How Does A Laptop Cooling Pad Work?

There are two main types of laptop cooling pads, active and passive. Active laptop coolers use a series of small fans that generally run off the USB port. Passive cooling pads can be filled with a compound that absorbs heat from the underside of the laptop and they don’t require a power connection to operate. Another version available acts to increase airflow to the base of the device by lifting it up on a stand.

What Are The Top Brands of Laptop Cooling Pads?

The Targus laptop cooling pads aren’t as efficient in lowering temperature as some other brands, but due to the wedge shaped design it is excellent for when you are using your laptop or Notebook on your lap. This is due to the fact that a lot of overheating occurs when people place their device on a pillow for stability, which blocks airflow. Another popular option is the USB powered Belkin which is specifically designed for use with MacBooks.

Are They Available in a Range of Sizes?

Laptop and Notebook cooling pads come in a range of sizes to suit your specific laptop or Notebook. For example, if your laptop is only 35 cm wide then you would look at a 14” laptop cooling pad but if you had a larger model would require the approxipate size cool pads.