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Your office, anywhere with a laptop stand

Laptops are by nature convenient, but if youre using one theres no need to hunch over your desk to work, watch videos, or browse the web. Bad posture is definitely one to avoid as it can leave you with aches, pains, and troubles later in life. Using a laptop stand will help to elevate your laptop to the ideal height and ensure that youre following the basic ergonomic rules and guidelines.

Many of these laptop stands are also lightweight and portable, so you can feel free to move around your home or office and find the perfect location to work, or get some peace. Similar to laptop cooling pads, these stands let you take the laptop off your lap onto a flat surface.

Positive posture

Aside from regularly getting up and moving around, good posture is one of the key ergonomic factors. Raising the screen to your eye level with a stable base or stand will work towards relaxing your upper body and decreasing tension.

A change of scenery

Unlike a desktop computer, laptops also give you the freedom to roam around, whether you want to relax in the living room, or have a set up in your bedroom, a portable laptop stand is key. These stands dont need to be basic and boring, the innovative design can fit seamlessly within the décor of your home, whether youre looking for a lightweight aluminium laptop stand, or prefer a natural wood finish, and can even be used as storage and an extra surface if youre one for compact living.

All for one, and one for all

These stands arent just suited to those working with a laptop, the entire family can benefit from them. An adjustable stand means you can cater to each member of the family as and when they take their turn on the home laptop.

Many of these stands are also ideal for those that need space on their desk for accessories and stationary such as a mouse, keyboard, and notebook. Some also come with different storage compartments and shelves to ensure that your area is kept tidy and organised too.

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