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Laptop and Desktop USB Fans

Cool off your office life with laptop & desktop USB fans

Laptop & desktop USB fans are perfect for cooling off both you and your computer and help you stay focused on your work. Laptop & desktop USB fans range from basic to more advanced, with a few add-on options that might make your day a little cooler.

Portable option

Most laptop & desktop USB fans are small in size, but some are particularly portable. Small blades and a short neck contributes to some fans being easily put into pockets or purses, which is especially beneficial if you need to move around a lot during the day, or if your assigned desk changes often.

Clock option

In addition to keeping you and your computer cool, some laptop & desktop USB fans will also tell you the time. Using LED lights, the movement of the fan can create a clock that’ll change with each passing minute. Some of these fans can even be programmed to display a message or pattern instead of the time, making it not only one of the most practical USB lights & gadgets, but also one of the most fun.

Battery operated option

Just like laptop cooling pads, USB fans can save your device from overheating, while also cooling you down with a beautiful breeze. While most USB fans use only the power from your computer’s USB port, some are designed to also run on batteries as well. The ability to use batteries means you’ll be able to bring your fan with you without the power being cut, making it perfect for taking along to meetings or your lunch break.

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