Large Format Film Cameras

Large Format Film Cameras   

Large format cameras shoot in any large format film which is a minimum size of 102 by 127 mm. The primary advantage of this larger format is higher resolution. The most common format is 102 by 127 mm and was for many years the size of common cameras through the 1930s and 50s. Ultra-large format film cameras include those nearly double in size compared to traditional large format cameras. When purchasing these varieties of camera, it is important to consider what film size you desire to work with, the focus type, and the brand and model of camera.   

What Are Popular Brands of Large Format Film Camera?   

The brand of a film camera is important not just for reasons of quality and camera price but because it can impact the quality and price of accessories and use. Popular brands include: 

  • Toyo 
  • Cambo 
  • Graflex 
  • Linhof 
  • Sinar   

How Does Focus Type Impact Filming?   

There are generally two different types of focus: manual and automatic. They generally impact large format photography and filming in the following ways:   

Automatic focus cameras reduce the manual work of focusing, allowing a user to focus on framing the shot. However, some may focus on the wrong subject, increasing the need for re-shoots.   

Manual focus cameras require manual adjustment of the focus which can be tiresome. However, this generally yields more accurate focusing and less re-shoots.