Laser Hair Removal and IPL

There are many ways to remove unwanted body hair, and when it comes to shaving and hair removal products there are many options. Laser hair removal and IPL devices use pulses of light to permanently remove hair under the arms, legs, or the bikini area. Painless and user-friendly, laser hair removal devices are popular options for those who wish to avoid shaving and waxing.

Bad Hair Day

Over time, shaving, waxing, plucking, and threading becomes time-consuming and expensive. Not to mention, regrowth happens fast. Remove hair forever with IPL hair removal, and some features you'll notice include adjustable settings for different hair types, portable designs for on the go use, and different treatment cartridges for different uses, including acne removal and skin lightening. Cordless options make hard-to-reach areas easy to access, and specific models work perfectly on sensitive or dark skin tones, making it easy to treat every specific skin situation.

What a Man

IPL and laser hair removers aren't just for women. Though men can safely use many models on the market, a man may prefer a more specialised style meant solely for male use. Men can safely and quickly remove facial hair without the hassle of shaving, and the pulsing light technology prevents regrowth as well as stubble, keeping skin smooth for much longer than traditional hair removal methods. Men can also use IPL removers to eliminate hair in other areas.

Brand Envy

Though there are many brands to select from, some may be more well-known than others. Remington not only offers shavers and epilators but the brand creates IPL hair removal systems as well. Tria offers combination hair removers that also zone in on skin issues, using light pulses to fix problem areas and create smoother skin. Other brand options to look for include Braun, HoMedics, and Philips, which offers cordless hair removal options.

Splitting Hairs

If you decide to opt for IPL hair removal over other options, including epilators and electrolysis, you'll need some additional supplies on hand as well as the laser hair removal system itself. You need cleaning cloths and small cleaning brushes to keep your device clean and hair-free after you use it, and a carrying case if your IPL didn't come with one.