Laser pointers

Laser pointers are just cool, that is a fact. Fortunately, they are also useful if you need some extra justification to get one. Whether you need one for those important presentations, for pointing things out on a building site or even teaching, these laser pointers can help you out and are not too exy.

Perfect for pointing things out at a distance, these laser pointers can come in green, red or blue light frequencies. So, pinpoint that target with your laser beam! Shop a wide range of laser pointers right here, online on eBay.

Adjustable focus/zoom

Some laser pointers have an adjustable focus, allowing you to set the power depending on the situation. Some of these can reach military strength beams and are often used by astronomers and stargazers to point things out on the night sky! When set high, some of these beams can be seen as far as 10 miles. The power can often vary from pointer to pointer, but with adjustable focus, the intensity can be set to what you need at any given time.

Battery & charger

It's going to be a long day, so you need that battery life to see you through that tiresome shift! Well, don't worry! Many laser pointers come with extra batteries and their own battery charger if not, these can be bought separately.

Efficient & affordable

Very few situations call for a military grade laser, so if you just need something basic and close at hand, there are a number of keyring laser pointers to be found. These light, compact pointers will serve a helpful purpose in the office or the classroom. Alternatively, there are Bluetooth or wireless presentation controllers with a laser pointer built in. These will allow you to change slides, adjust volume and play or pause videos (depending on brand) as well as highlight the important parts.

Pattern Adapters

An essential for those Birthday parties, weddings and outdoor occasions that allow you to change from one pattern to the next and from a variety of colours! Shop a wide range Pattern Adapters here on eBay for an affordable price!