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Lock up with latches & bolts

Used for fastening and securing doors and gates, latches and bolts are important in everyday life and are easy to fit. This type of domestic ironmongery can be fitted by hand using simple home tools. These simple pieces of hardware can take many forms, from simple slide locks to sturdy bolts.

Classic latches

Classic latches offer a simple solution to lock your door. Automatically triggered at the close of a door, it catches and secures the door once it is shut. These are great if you have your hands full, as they enable you to exit your house or gate without having to stop to lock it behind you. Simple and effective, simply lift the latch to open!

Opt for the toggle latch if you're looking for a manual fastener. Secured by hand, toggle latches can be fitted to doors and drawers easily.

Cabin hooks

Cabin hooks are a great solution to locking doors from the inside. Perfect for the guest toilet or bathroom, these locks are a simple hook and eye mechanism. Shop for sets of different hooks and eyes, with hooks from 2 inches or less in length, right up to over 8 inches!

Simply use your home drill to screw the fitting into place and you've got a working lock in seconds.

Slide bolts

This type of fastener is a secure way to lock any door, from bedrooms to the garden shed. Also often used in family or guest bathrooms, the simple slide lock function is easy to operate.

Try a sleek stainless steel look or go for a chunky, industrial brushed chrome for something a little more trendy.

Ironmongery sets

If you're all about coordination, ensure that you match your door or drawer knob, hinges and handles to your fasteners. Coordinate by using the same material and shop for sets right here on eBay.