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Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags

Despite the seemingly simple design, laundry bags actually have a lot of engineering in their construction. For instance, using a simple plastic or garbage bag for dirty laundry, instead of a laundry bag made of breathable fabric, may lead to mould growing between the folds. Essential laundry supplies, laundry bags are also less cumbersome than baskets, allow for identification purposes at the laundromat, and generally keep your clothes from spilling out with drawstring closures.

Clothes Airers

The last step of doing laundry is drying your clothes. While electric dryers are pretty effective at removing moisture, there’s something fresher about hanging your clothes out to dry in the baking sun. Great for the dry season or taking advantage of particularly hot days, clothes airers can effectively keep your electric bill low. Many designs use the inverted umbrella style, complete with various rails on which you can hook your clothes hangers. It is an effective design that allows for easy reach, whether the article you want to grab is on the inside portion or the outside.

Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets serve the dual purpose of storing and collecting dirty laundry. They differ largely in size where the biggest ones are reserved for pending laundry in the laundry room, while the smaller ones can be dedicated for particular rooms for easy collection. Common materials used in making these baskets are rattan, plastic, canvas, and cotton. They come in many designs like rigid wooden constructions or foldable cloth options that you can easily store once laundry day is over.


While most laundry baskets can act as hampers, the latter are in a category of their own. For instance, in a large household where clothes segregation can be a real issue, a dedicated hamper on wheels can make the chore much easier. These usually have dividers and are made of some type of fabric supported by a rigid steel frame. Many hampers are foldable for easy storage as well, but if space is not an issue in your laundry room, it’s good to have a trolley that is easy to move around as you work.