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Lawn Aerators

Lawn aerators

Keep your lawn looking fresh and lush with easy to use lawn aerators. Choose from push along or pull on types to suit your gardening style.

Push action lawn aeration

Spike tool lawn aerators allow for deeper water penetration that improves lawn growth. The aerating garden tool is made from durable steel and features a rotating spiked cylinder attached to a steel pole. Sturdy wheels enable you to easily roll the aerator over different types of garden lawn.

Lawn aerators that feature a trio of large spikes remove plugs of soil so that water and fertiliser penetration goes deeper into the ground. Regular use produces a hardier lawn. Five spike tools are also available.

Cyclone spiked lawn aerators have a solid, sharpened high carbon steel cutting wheel attached to a pole handle. The rotary lawn edger rides along the edge of the lawn leaving behind clean lines.

Spruce up the lawn in a pair of sandals

Slip on a pair of lawn aerator shoes and let your lawn breathe again, while you exercise at the same time. The heavy-duty walking lawn aerators are made from upgraded zinc alloy and plastic. They fit any shoe size aerators attach to the bottom of your footwear and feature metal clasp buckles on nylon straps, for secure fastening over the top. Walk around your lawn embedding the metal spikes into the soil as you go.

The lawn clear up crew

Clear all debris from the lawn with a tow-behind lawn sweeper. An extra large sweeping path and adjustable, tough sweeper brushes gather up grass, leaves and pine cones.

To ensure your lawn always looks its best use a dethatcher to extract thatch and clippings from the lawn surface, so that you can re-mulch or bag up and bin. The independent thin metal tips also detangle grass for maximum thatch pick up. The lawn care system attaches to a lawn sweeper.