Lawn Bowls Bag

Take the weight off with a lawn bowls bag

If youre travelling off to the bowls court with friends for a day out on the green, then make your day trip much easier with the sturdy and lightweight Lawn Bowls Bag. Whether youre a keen sports bowler, travelling and touring different greens regularly throughout the year, or even just a beginner entering the world of bowls; shop a wide range of lawn bowls bags and features, right here on eBay.


Youve got so much to bring with you to that huge bowls tournament. Dont panic. Make sure you have every accessory you need, with its spacey front, side and top pockets which will make it easy to fit and carry all your essentials such as; phones, clothing and shoes for the journey or trip ahead.

Padding & Zips

Stylish high-quality brands such as; Henselite bags with padding and shoulder straps that will make carrying your bag much more comfortable, fitting perfectly around the shoulders. You dont need to worry about your bag opening unintentionally as the lawn bowling bag has extremely strong zips that will fasten all your property and lawn bowl accessories, keeping them safe from the moment you put them in your bag, until the moment you take them out.


If its a rainy day out and youre worried about dampness or that soaking wet rain seeping through your bag, dont worry, the lawn bowls bag has a UV20 protective waterproof cover which will keep out any dampness or wetness, keeping your accessories, clothes and shoes dry. An essential to have for any professional bowlers out there who play throughout the year in all weather conditions and locations.


It has been a tiring day out having put in hours of practice on the green, or youve just competed in that long tiresome tournament, and its time to go home; then just extend the soft tight gripped handle and walk the bowler bag along with you to your vehicle, making your walk that little bit easier.