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Size 3 Lawn Bowls

History shows that people were playing the game of lawn bowls as early as the 13th Century. The play happens on a bowling green that's either flat or uneven (flat-green bowls or crown green bowls, respectively). Normally, people play these indoors and outdoors. Playing surfaces are on natural grass or artificial turf. Lawn bowls come in different sizes, and size 0 to 3 is usually the range women use (with the average being sizes 1 and 2), while size 3 to 6 is the range for men (the average being sizes 3 and 4). Only the smallest hands fit size 0.

What Types of Shoes Are Available?

Here are three types of lawn bowls shoes to choose from:

  1. Henselite bowls shoes. When it's a fun family or party game, you will see players running barefoot on the green. During actual competitions, people still show up in a pair of bowls shoes. Check out the Henselite MPS42 model for options. It features durable construction. EVA soles provide a lightweight feel granting flexible bowler feet movements.
  2. Asics Gel Rink Scorcher. Players love this model for its lightweight, flexible and comfortable feel. It has upper mesh quarter panels that reduce weight strain and improve breathability. Arch support and torsion stability are improved with DuoMax and Trusstic features.
  3. Taylor Gents Mercury Shoes. This pair is a beginner's choice of entry or trainer shoes. The shoes are comfortable. The soles give excellent grip. The mesh underlay and other aspects give a classic fit and look.

What Types of Bowls Clothing Are Available?

Here are some lawn bowls clothing selections:

  1. Lawn bowls shirts. These should be unrestricting and breathable. It is important to get a material that quickly dries off sweat. Clubs and organised groups may order specialised and official uniforms. Others prefer just finding similar shirts online.
  2. Lawn bowls shorts and pants. Drawstring for shorts and pants makes it easy to change clothing. A full zip fly and functional zip pockets are good features to look for.
  3. Lawn bowls socks. Sweaty socks can be so discomforting. Choose an appropriate thickness and prefer quick-dry socks.

What Lawn Bowls Accessories Are Useful to Have?

  1. Polishing cloth. Keep your bowls clean and non-sticky with this accessory.
  2. Carry bag. Organise your equipment and clothing in one carriage.
  3. Removable pads. When you're out of sorts or if you're nursing an injury, removable knee pads, shin pads and the like are a great help.
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