Getting Into Lawn Bowls   

For anyone who is new to lawn bowls, and who likes it as a pastime, it can be a good idea to invest in a set of bowls. While it’s always possible to use the club’s bowls, these are not always of the highest quality. When playing lawn bowls on a regular basis – and for anyone who wants to improve their game – having a quality set of bowls is highly recommended. But, that doesn’t mean spending heaps of money on new bowls. Buying used bowls can be just as good for beginners, while also helping to save quite a bit of money.   So, what should newbie bowlers look for when buying a set of bowls. First up, try a few different types of bowls before deciding on which ones to buy. Important factors to consider include size, weight and grip, as these can greatly affect the quality of play. Try a few different sizes of bowls, check how well different weights hold their line, and feel the difference on the various grips available. When buying, there can be other factors to consider as well, such as colour, make and age. With lawn bowls, colour is pretty cosmetic, but it should be noted that brighter colours can show their age faster. Before buying used bowls, be sure to check for signs of damage. Minor surface scratches are okay, but deep gouges or scrapes may affect the way the bowl plays.   

Buying Lawn Bowls   

  Whether buying new or used lawn bowls, eBay provides the perfect place to compare all the options available. Check out popular brands such as Domino, Drakes Pride, Greenmaster, Henselite and Taylor, and narrow the search according to the features on offer. Looking for the full lawn bowls get-up? Take a look at eBay’s great range of lawn bowls clothing and lawn bowls shoes to really look the part.