Lawn Rollers

Many people who enjoy working on their lawns appreciate using a variety of gardening and landscaping products, such as edgers, string trimmers, lawn mower, parts and accessories and other landscaping tools. Lawn rollers are effective at flattening grass after laying down seed or evening out lawn curves for improved yard maintenance. After individuals create holes with lawn aerators in the soil outside their homes, they can choose from different styles of lawn rollers to cover ground depressions and achieve lush landscaping results.

Steel Lawn Rollers

After you use the powerful vacuuming of a lawn sweeper to remove leaves and other debris when landscaping, the equipment's sweepers may create pits in the ground. A steel lawn roller has a strong and durable design, making it reliable equipment for pressing down sod. Be sure to dry a steel lawn roller after using it in rain to keep it in the best condition. Because they are heavier than some other lawn roller styles, you may need the assistance of a garden tractor to move or transport it.

Plastic Lawn Rollers

If you need a garden roller to complete only a few landscaping jobs, a plastic lawn roller is an excellent choice for pressing down dirt and soil. Lightweight models are available and may include comfortable handles for easier pushing and pulling of the equipment. Many examples of this lawn roller type feature compact designs, which makes them easier to transport.

Poly Lawn Rollers

Like plastic lawn roller styles, poly lawn rollers contain plastic components, but their designs are typically more durable. Poly models may contain sand or water to increase their weight and compaction density. Draining poly lawn rollers after finishing yard maintenance makes it easier to transport them to other locations or for storage purposes.

Concrete Lawn Rollers

Landscapers who need heavy grass rollers that don't rust or corrode due to water exposure can choose durable concrete lawn rollers to flatten gardens or lawns. Models are available with stone or concrete components. Concrete models are effective at levelling lawns, packing dirt into holes in soil and minimising small hills that may rise from lawns and gardens, which otherwise can make mowing the areas difficult.