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Leap Pad

Designed and manufactured by LeapFrog Enterprises, the company was founded in 1995 and maintains proprietary rights to many classes of interactive toys designed to offer learning and educational play opportunities for children. The Leap Pad is a collection of educational children's tablets with many varieties offering pre-installed suites of games. Parents can also purchase additional add-on instructive games for their children.

Leap Pad Suggested Ages

Some Leap Pad tablets are designed specifically for younger children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old, and they encourage the learning of simple concepts, words, math, and reading skills. Other variants of these educational toys features games for slightly older children between the ages of 5 and 7 years old, and focus on slightly more advanced reading and mathematical skills, while using more complex reasoning and problem-solving solutions.

Leap Pad Games

Adults can purchase Leap Pad games on the Leap Pad system, online or through various retailers. The purchase of a Leap Pad often includes vouchers for multiple games, but the LeapFrog system includes access to thousands of learning games for children to play. This access makes it an extremely versatile computer education toy.

Leap Pad Additional Functions

Some Leap Pad devices are enabled with Wi-Fi and child-safe Internet searches, which allow for simple tasks like watching videos or listening to songs. Leap Pad tablets feature impact-resistant bumpers, protective screens, shock absorption technology and other qualities which make them safe to leave in the hands of children. Some come with rechargeable batteries, video recording capabilities, the ability to use Wi-Fi to play alongside other children connected to other Leap Pad devices, tutorials and the capability to add additional parent settings.

Leap Pad Accessory Toys

LeapFrog Enterprises manufactures many accessory toys and puzzles which can go alongside a Leap Pad for educational fun. These include magnetic word education toys, child-safe walkie-talkies, audio storybooks and even full infant and toddler playsets.