Leather On-Road & Motorsports Motorcycle Gloves

Leather Motorcycle Gloves

When it comes to motorcycle safety gear, most people will invest a lot of money in purchasing helmets, boots and jackets. But obtaining a good quality pair of leather motorcycle gloves is equally important for both your personal safety and comfort.

Why Are Gloves Important?

If you are thrown from your motorbike during an accident, it is human instinct to put your hands out as a defensive measure. They are often the first thing to hit the ground, with the heel of your palm generally absorbing the most impact. Wearing reinforced gloves will take much of the contact for you. A good pair of leather motorcycle gloves will also protect your hands whilst riding in extreme weather conditions and will cushion the road vibrations so your hands won’t develop blisters.

Features to Look For in Motorcycle Gloves

When considering what motorcycle gloves to buy it is important to factor in what type of riding you will be doing. For example, sport bike riders will often choose a gauntlet style leather glove that extends up over the wrists, as these offer greater protection from the weather. However, if you are planning plenty of long-haul rides across country then you might prefer touring gloves which offer protection in case of an accident but also provide a lot of comfort.

Top Rated Brands

In a recent listing from Canstar Blue, Harley-Davidson motorcycle gloves received a 5 star rating for overall satisfaction, whilst the popular Alpinestars leather motocycle gloves received 4 stars for protection. Dririder is another great Australian brand that is known for offering superior product with no frills.