Leather Overnight Bags

A leather overnight bag is a stylish and durable option to hold all of your personal essentials for an overnight stay or an extended trip. These overnight travel bags include ample space for clothing, electronic gadgets, cosmetics and other items you'll need while away from home. Furthermore, they also come in other heavy-duty fabrics such as canvas that are just as suitable as leather to stow away heavier items. Some may feature extra compartments, space for your laptop and a security mechanism to protect valuables.

Heavy Duty

You'll never need to worry about everything tumbling out of your bag when you own a heavy-duty leather overnight travel bag. You can use one as carry-on luggage when flying or throw it into the boot of your car for a road trip. Likewise, the design may include outside pockets that close with a buckle or zippered sections on the ends of a duffle bag for stashing snacks, a mobile phone or books. Thick adjustable straps help fit the bag to your height, and a central pouch on the inside keeps your items out of view.

Extra Compartments

Taking all your essentials with you plus additional items is possible when using a leather overnight travel bag with extra compartments to carry the extra load. Take one on a trip to visit relatives and stockpile gifts or crossword puzzles. Large zippered pockets on the outside hold file folders, travel documents or toiletries you can't be without.

Laptop Storage

You probably never go anywhere without your laptop and you don't have too. These bags keep out dust, rain, and other elements so your computer stays safe and protected. There's enough room to keep a stylus, power supply, mouse and other electronic components you may need while computing on the go.

Telescopic Handle and Lock

Leather overnight travel bags with a telescopic handle are convenient for moving through airports or walking from your vehicle to a building. Plus, the handle takes stress off your shoulders and arms. Equally appealing to travellers are bags with locks to secure personal possessions when travelling by train, storing bags in overhead bins on planes, and leaving your belongings in a hotel room.