Leather Pants for Women

Invest in a pair or two of well-made women's leather pants to inject an edgy vibe to, and elevate, your look. Guaranteed to turn heads, the easy-to-style pants feel soft and comfortable and keep your legs warm during autumn or the mild winter. Go seamlessly from the office to the streets, party in leather pants and stand out in the go-to look of off-duty models.

Genuine or Faux Leather

Genuine leather pants last a lifetime and never go out of style, giving you a level of sophistication that other materials barely match. Even with genuine leather though, there are different types to consider, such as top-quality, full-grain leather that retains its look for years. If genuine leather's not for you because you prefer a more animal-friendly option, then consider a pair of faux leather pants that look almost as good, but do not last as long.

Body Types

Wear leather pants that flatter your body type by drawing the eyes to your best features, and away from what you wish to hide. Tall girls with long legs look fabulous in leather leggings, while those with boyish figures can create the illusion of curves with pants that have belt loops, zips for detailing, and back pockets. If you're curvy, then consider pants with a relaxed vibe or a sleek outline that smoothes out your form.


Dress for the occasion in appropriate women's leather pants, such as a trouser-cut style with a blazer for the office, sleek leather pants and a preppy top with a knit sweater for that afternoon meet, or tough leather motorcycle pants that resist tears and scratches for that weekend of rough bike riding.


Look for useful features, such as waterproof leather pants, which keep you dry in the rain or puddles. Other useful features to look for include pockets for your keys and can't-leave-home-without-it essentials and zips to secure it all.