Ready to take off your sneakers and pull on a pair of sandals for the summer season? Classic, men’s leather sandals and flip flops are definitely the way to go. But with so many styles available, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Where Are You Going?

The first question you need to ask yourself is,"Where are you going to wear them?" Are you planning to hike up mountains, walk on the beach, hang out at the pub on the weekend? Stroll through the city and dine in a nice restaurant? Once you’ve answered that question, the choices narrow. Sandals don’t work well in formal situations, so if you’re planning a night out clubbing or at the theatre, closed-toe shoes are probably more appropriate. There are still plenty of options from hard-wearing, sporty designs for more active pursuits to comfortable slide on classics. There is a place for both the humble flip flop and the more versatile sandal in your footwear wardrobe.

Which Brand is Best?

All the major footwear brands offer a range of sandals or flip flops for men. Adidas, Birkenstock, Nike, Colorado, Kathmandu even Crocs have a leather sandal design. The best brand for you is the one that feels the most comfortable and supports your feet and ankles properly. It can be a matter of trial and error to find the right one, but you can also be guided by price.

How Much to Pay

A pair of leather Crocs, which really only have leather uppers, will set you back around $50 to $70, but if you can afford a pair of luxury brand Bottega Veneta sandals you can pay hundreds of dollars.

As with all fashion choices you make, your preference for a pair of men’s leather sandals comes down to style and taste. But whatever you choose, there is a vast array of choice on the pages of eBay. Summer is coming. Check them out today.