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Get crafting with leathercraft tools

Working with leather to create beautiful handmade items and gifts is not only relaxing but great fun too. Not only that, but many people decide to sell their finished products at market stalls or online and make a good living out of it too. So, make sure you have a good set of leathercraft tools and supplies and get making things by hand like the good old days.

Leathercraft toolkits

If you're just getting into your leathercraft hobby, a great place to start is with a full leathercraft toolkit. Complete with awls, needles, wax ropes and scissors. Many even come with a little stamping kit, so you can really personalise your designs. These high-quality leather crafting kits are exactly what a newbie needs.

Leather cutting tools

It's important to choose the right type of cutting tool for each leather project you do and to keep it sharp too, so doesn't tear or damage the leather. There is a huge variety of cutters on offer, from familiar looking knives and scissors to axe-shaped ones and trimmers. Available with smooth handles for easy grip and comfort. Some tools also come with protective leather pouches to help keep them in tip-top condition for longer.

Sewing and stitching awls

A sewing or stitching awl is a tool used to create holes in a variety of materials so that thread can be fed through and stitched. They're also ideal for making existing holes larger. Perfect for boring through leather or canvas, awls have a thin, tapered metal shaft which then comes to point. They come with smooth wooden handles for good grip and the shaft itself may be either straight or slightly bent.

Hollow punching tools

Ideal for punching buckle holes in belts, these sharp hollow punching tools are very durable and come in a wide variety of sizes. Like a hole punch for paper, these punching tools take a circular piece of leather away to reveal a perfect round hole quickly and easily.

Craft an endless supply of useful items by hand with your own set of leathercraft tools.

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