LED Cabin Lights

While modern boats, caravans and other mobile homes already come equipped with high efficiency LED bulbs, those from previous years either don’t have them at all, or only some parts are illuminated by them. Thankfully, the years have been kind to LED technology and many highly efficient kits, bulbs and fixtures are available so you can retrofit most any vehicle or vessel with LED interior lights of your choice. Many are also submersible, which adds a layer of insurance along with efficient lighting.

Light Kits

When you only want to replace a particular bulb in the cabin or even just a few, buying individual light fixtures is always the way to go. If you want to pimp up several cabins or are aiming for a cohesive lighting setup, then LED light kits are the some of the smartest choices. Get a set of rigid strip light bars to wire along the corners of a bar, or a set of flood lights that will illuminate an entire deck. When choosing strip lights, go for ones designed to be easily linkable so you do not have to solder any connections.

Exterior Lights

Along with cabin lights, you’ll want to swap to exterior LED boat lights as well. Stock exterior lights are susceptible to glazing up over time from the constant heating and cooling cycles of each day so they are bound to need replacements. Choose a navigation light kit that comes with LED side lights and an LED pole anchor light so you can alert any surrounding vessels with its brilliant bulbs. Light bars aren’t good for trucks and jeeps. Hook up a couple just outside the cockpit for ample illumination during night time sailing.

Underwater Lights

Underwater lights or fishing lights are waterproof light fixtures that make it a cinch to fish during the night. Often called squid lights, these marine lighting options illuminate the fish in the immediate vicinity and make it easy to net your catch. Easy to install, these marine LED lights can last a long while.