Leg Inflatable Travel Pillows

Put your feet up with inflatable travel pillows for your legs

Using an inflatable travel pillow is a popular way for travellers to rest their legs and feet whilst on long haul transport. An inflatable pillow is a device that fills with air and then is installed in the space between your seat and the seat in front of you. These travel accessories allow passengers to put their legs up and rest them in a much more comfortable position.

But their use is not just limited to plane travel, as inflatable leg pillows can be used in multiple ways. Use in the car, trains, office and buses is not an uncommon sight as the devices are easily transported for use and quickly set up and installed.

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Layered inflatable leg travel pillows

Available in three different inflation levels, multi-layered inflatable leg travel pillows allow you to choose the height at which you’d like your legs to rest. This allows for further variety in comfort options whilst you travel, even creating extra leg space to sleep.

Children’s inflatable leg travel pillows

Children have shorter legs than adults, meaning when they travel their legs or feet are often dangling off the seat. This can cause circulation problems and pain. An inflatable leg pillow in a children's size can easily be inserted into the leg space in front of the seat so your child can rest their legs on it.

Self and manual inflating travel leg pillows

Leg pillows are inflated using two methods depending on the model. Self-inflating types can simply be unfolded and they will inflate themselves. Leg pillows that need to be manually inflated require a small pump to operate them.

One size inflatable leg pillows

Inflatable leg pillows also come in one size options, generally at a lower level and smaller size to other inflatable models. These leg pillows are easily transported for use in the office under your desk.

Put your feet up with these great inflatable leg travel pillows from eBay.