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Leica Camera Lenses

Focus in with Leica 135mm focal camera lenses

Leica Camera AG is a German manufacturer that has been making cameras, lenses, binoculars, rifle scopes, microscopes and ophthalmic lenses since the mid-1800s. That means they know a thing or two about the industry as a whole.

The first 35mm Leica camera was built in the early 1900s and since then, the company has created quite a reputation for producing some of the highest quality camera lenses on the market. A great example of this is their 135mm focal camera lenses. eBay has hundreds of these fantastic camera accessories, giving you a chance to upgrade your device and your shooting with this great addition to your set up.

Why photographers love Leica

Leica cameras are popular because they look great and are considered by many to be easy to use. The Leica M series, for example, has more than 1000 individual parts. These parts are all pieced together, mostly by hand, by technicians who are highly trained.

If you’re going to own a Leica camera, a quality lens is a must. And thankfully they have a range of sizes available, including the 135mm.

What is the 135mm good for?

The 135mm focal lens is better if you’re further away from your subject. If you work in a small, confined space and need to be closer to the photo subject, a 135mm lens is probably not the best option. But for distance photos, a 135mm focal lens is a strong option. It does well when it comes to flattening images, and the long focal lens is still practical in all real-life situations. It can be great for taking natural portraits and family shots, and it allows you to take full body shots, or you can move in closer for half-body or headshots. It also works well for landscape photos, and if you want to be able to shoot (with a camera) animals from a distance.

When it comes to camera parts and accessories, Leica has made an incredible name for itself. See why with this great range of the company’s 135mm focal lenses.