Leica SUMMICRON M Camera Lenses

Some of the most powerful and easily recognisable camera lenses in the world, Leica lenses have been popular in the past decades for both film and digital photography. The Leica SUMMICRON M lenses are compact and fast, and they are an excellent choice for reportage photography, while also providing excellent results for any situation where you may need a wide-angle lens.

Characteristics of Leica SUMMICRON M Lenses

Leica SUMMICRON lenses are versatile and compact and come complete with a full-metal lens hood for protection against flare and stray light. The well-balanced designs makes the lenses suitable for situations where you want a mix of speed and quality. With very low to nonexistent distortion, these zoom lenses bring a smooth and reliable focus and aperture.

Leica SUMMICRON M Lenses Compatibility

All Leica SUMMICRON M lenses are compatible with the full-frame Leica range that includes models such as the Leica M10, and Leica M, as well as with the Leica T Typ 701 APS-C camera. The sensors of these Leica digital cameras are optimised specifically for use with Leica M lenses and recognise the lens and its parameters for image processing.