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Shoot iconic photographs with Leica cameras

Leica is a famous camera manufacturer that creates a wide variety of professional shooters with almost obsessive attention to detail, which is why they are most often associated with some of history's most renowned photographers. eBay can help you capture legendary shots with its range of Leica cameras to buy online every day.

Legendary Leica

Probably most well-known for their iconic rangefinder cameras, Leica played a huge role in popularising 35mm film shooting. While Leica continued making mechanical cameras, it also shifted to more contemporary technology with its first digital camera in 2006 – their M8 model. Leica has since expanded its M-series digital camera range and launched its S-series and mirrorless L-series.

Leica M10-R

If you love classically designed cameras, the M10-R's old fashioned look and feel could be right up your alley. That being said, the M10-R also features some of the latest digital technology, helping you produce high quality images snap after snap.

Leica Sofort

While Leica is well-known for its top-shelf shooters, the Leica Sofort is a great instant camera. German for 'instant', the Sofort from Leica has a small mirror on the front for selfies. This posh instant shooter is a welcome addition to any party.

With Leica cameras you get the best of both worlds – form and function. With the parts and pieces to help you take amazing photos as well as the look and feel of a classic film camera, this equipment gives you the chance to add something a bit different to your collection. If you're ready to combine the best of old-school looks with new-school tech, check out the awesome range of Leica cameras online on eBay today and get ready to watch eras collide in the best possible way.