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Lenovo Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

Lenovo Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

Even though laptops come with their own power adapter and charger, situations arise wherein you may need a new one. Whether you lost your Lenovo charger or your existing one has been damaged or fails, you can easily find an original charger replacement or a compatible one to have your laptop up and running again no time.

Laptop Charger Compatibility

When shopping for a new laptop charger for your Lenovo, make sure it is compatible with your specific laptop model. Refer to the model number, which is usually on the bottom of Lenovo laptops to check compatibility. Besides the model, you should also check the voltage requirements because laptop power adapters may have various voltage outputs.

Current Capacity and Wattage Rating

Two other factors to take into account when buying a Lenovo charger are the current capacity and wattage rating. Its important to use a charger with the same current capacity and wattage rating as the original one to avoid a power surge.

Types of Charger Adapters

The two main types of laptop chargers available on the market are original manufacturer laptop power adapters and universal laptop power adapters. By choosing to buy a charger manufactured by Lenovo, you can bypass any compatibility issues, as the exact specifications regarding voltage and capacity are met. Alternatively, you can look for universal laptop power adapters, which work for most Lenovo laptop models, often with a lower price tag.

Lenovo Batteries

Sometimes, it is not the charger but the laptop battery that needs replacement. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge, so even with the proper care and maintenance, youll eventually need to replace the battery or remain always tethered to the charger cord and a power plug. As with a charger, you need to look for compatible batteries. The simplest option is buying original ones made by Lenovo; otherwise, carefully look for a compatible one made by third-party manufacturers.