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Lenovo PC Laptops & Notebooks with Backlit Keyboard

Lenovo PC, Laptops and Notebooks with a Backlit Keyboard

When you purchase Lenovo products you are selecting from the number one brand for selling equipment worldwide. Your use of a Lenovo product contributes to this brand’s commitment to sustainable business practices and ongoing investment in research and innovation. Innovative features, including Lenovo PC Laptops with backlit keyboards, provide flexibility to work in lowlight conditions, and these come with many models of Lenovo PCs, laptops and notebooks.

Benefits of Backlit Keyboards

Lenovo’s backlit keyboard’s main advantage is their use in no, or low, light conditions. Each key is lit up from behind, so you can easily see where each character, letter and function key is. Aesthetically, they simply look good. The illumination behind the keys can also help people who aren’t touch typists speed up their keyboard input, or those with limited vision locate characters faster. Backlit keyboards are very popular with gamers, programmers, and for use on aeroplanes or even in bed.

Lenovo Laptops and Notebooks

Lenovo laptop and notebook models featuring backlit keyboards include those in the Yoga, IdeaPad and ThinkPad series. The Yoga range, as the name suggests, are super flexible, thin and lightweight models. Choose between four different ways of adjusting and positioning the screen Yoga models. They’ll switch to functioning as a standard laptop, as a table, a tent, or on a stand. With a focus on performance and productivity, ThinkPads are ideal for businesses, students, educators. IdeaPads are designed for casual home use, social networking and home multimedia.

PC Keyboards

Do you have a desktop computer, or prefer to use a keyboard with your laptop? Wired USB Lenovo USB keyboards and keypads include mechanical switch models to give the same illuminated experience. Backlighting can be adjusted to five different levels. Lenovo’s backlit keyboards also feature additional gaming keys. The full package includes a palm or wrist rest to support your hands and wrist and prevent strain.

Other Backlit Peripherals

Lenovo’s optical and precision mice have LED backlighting. To ensure your user comfort, both have ergonomic designs for handgrip. An optical mouse uses an LED light to track your movements, while a precision mouse senses movement through a laser. For remote control, Lenovo also has a backlit handheld mouse/keyboard combo, perfect for watching a movie online or operating your computer or laptop from a distance.