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Lenovo Tablets & eReaders

Lenovo Tablets

Whether you own a briefcase or a backpack, a Lenovo tablet fits into small spaces and is lightweight to transport easily. You have your pick of resolutions and screen sizes to view pictures on social media sites or read a novel without squinting or missing the details. You can also choose the RAM capacity and tablet accessories that suit your needs and make computing enjoyable.

Tablet Accessories

Mishaps happen, especially scratches and spills. A screen protector safeguards your valuable equipment to avoid any downtime or expensive repairs. Check out the colourful keyboard folio cases and pouches in hard-wearing materials, such as leather and silicone, that appeal to your personal tastes, yet protect the device. After a long day of computing, a compatible charger revives your tablet to keep you communicating and exploring the world wide web. Consider using a docking station that serves double duty as a charger and a place to connect peripherals and sync with other devices.


Your Lenovo tablets image and text sharpness depends upon the resolution or number of pixels available vertically and horizontally. A resolution such as 1280 by 800 is adequate for watching movies and reading eBooks. Manufacturers try to balance the resolution with a devices screen size so images dont look blurred and you can move through menus without experiencing screen delays.

Screen Sizes

Because resolution and screen size go hand in hand, youll find that a smaller screen size, such as 7 to 9 inches, doesnt need as high a resolution as compared to a screen measuring 13 inches or more. If youre a gamer, you probably want the highest resolution possible such as 1920 by 1080 pixels to display clean graphics. Regardless of whether you use your Lenovo tablet to send emails, listen to music, or play games theres a perfect size for you that performs optimally.


Random access memory or RAM is what your tablet uses to complete tasks quicker. Generally, more RAM means a faster tablet. Review the inventory of Lenovo 2 GB tablets and eBook readers to find an option suitable for light use. Average users may want to consider 4 or more GB RAM, while power uses would do well on Lenovo 16 GB tablets and eBook readers.