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Lenovo Ultrabooks

One of the trusted names in the computer world, Lenovo makes exceptional laptops with innovative designs and features. The range of Lenovo laptops and notebooks includes two series of Ultrabooks, namely Thinkpads and Ideapads. Ultrabook is a term from Intel, and it represents high-end, sleek laptops with impressive performance power.


Lenovo Thinkpads have legendary reliability and have been military-spec tested. They have ergonomic keys, a precision keyboard, multimedia buttons and a multitouch touchpad.


There is a Lenovo Ideapad model for everyone and are ideal for first time or everyday users, and also are great for gamers. With excellent performance, Ideapads have style and functionality along with convertibility for home entertainment users.

New or Used

The choice of purchasing a new or a used Lenovo Ultrabook is completely up to you. Many people want to buy a brand new laptop or netbook so that they know that it has come straight from the factory, will still be under warranty and no one has been able to damage the laptop in any way. It is possible to find good used laptops that have had a careful and responsible owner who may now be upgrading to a newer model, or you can find refurbished models, which are ex store display machines. Purchasing a second-hand laptop is always at your own risk so think carefully before committing.

Buying Guide

When purchasing a new Lenovo Ultrabook, there are many things to consider to do with personal preference and needs. You will need to think about how much you want to pay first and then look at size, design and performance specs that fit into your price range. This should narrow things down. When you know what models are in your range, look at the different specifications and work out how much storage space you need, RAM, battery life and what style suits you. There are many models to choose from so narrowing things down can definitely help with making a decision. Just make sure not to go crazy and purchase a gaming laptop when you really only need one for word processing.