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Lensbaby Camera Lens

Established in Portland in the U.S.A., the Lensbaby company and brand has grown to manufacture innovative, high-quality DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses. Lensbaby's founder Craig Strong began the company in 2004 when he found a way to combine an old lens with a hose to shoot photographs that were, until that point, impossible to create with a standard DSLR lens. Today, Lenbaby's award-winning lenses will provide any level of photographer with the creative effects needed to take inspiring, first-class photographs.

Manual Focus Lens

When investigating lenses, every keen photographer should consider the Lensbaby manual focus camera lens range to creatively control and enhance their photographs. Although there has been great technological advancements in automatic focus for modern lenses, manual lenses allow for more control over the lighting, aperture exposure and overall focus and depth. When it comes to manual focus lenses, Lenbaby's Velvet range includes the Velvet 85 and the Velvet 56. Both lenses are a manual focus portrait lens that can be mounted onto most DSLR cameras. They come in either black or limited-edition silver. Weighing in at 410 grams, and with a height of 8.53 centimetres and a 7.2 centimetre width, the Velvet 56 lens model has a f/1.6 aperture and a 56mm focal length. The Velvet 85 is slightly larger at 8.9 centimetres high and 7.6 centimetres wide, and heavier at 530 grams with a f/1.8 aperture and 85mm focal length.

Fixed Camera Lens

The Spark lens is just one of the products found in the Lensbaby fixed prime camera lens range. This flexible lens will help capture every photograph with clear and sharp focus. The Lensbaby Spark lens is 5.08 centimetres tall, 6.35 centimetres wide and is very lightweight at a mere 100 grams. While this lens still allows for manual focus with a focal length of 50mm, the aperture is fixed to f/5.6.