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Lenser LED Camping & Hiking Head Torches

Light your way with a Lenser LED head torch

You’ve spent a hard, rewarding day trekking through the bush. It’s time for tea, night’s fallen, and you’re starving. All you want is to set up your tent and your sleeping bag, and get dinner cooking on the trangia, but it’s too dark to see anything and you only have so many hands. Save yourself time and bother with the great range of LedLenser camping and hiking head torches available here on eBay, and leave both hands free to tackle the real task at hand, getting that food into your belly, stat.

The pirate beginnings of LedLenser head torches

German twin brothers Rainer and Harald Opolka were turned down for a business loan in 1993, but undeterred, they founded the LedLenser company in 1994 in their own garage. In their first five years of business, they sold over 200 million Euros worth of LED flashlights. Over 24 years later, with hundreds of design awards to their name, their mission is to harness and channel the power of light. To remind themselves of their humble beginnings, a pirate flag waves over their head office in Solingen.

To select the best Lenser LED camping and hiking head torch to suit your needs, consider how much light you need. The greater the number of lumens, the more illumination you get. But remember that the brighter the illumination, the shorter the battery life will be. You’ll need at least 300 lumens if you’re going to be in absolute dark. LED lights are a great choice to provide a good amount of light while not drawing too much power. Also consider the width of the light beam, do you want to see very far ahead of you (good for running or cycling) or do you want to see a broader width of space directly in front of you (more suitable for activities in the one place, such as setting up camp for the night)?

If you’re still not sure of the perfect camping and hiking head torch to suit, don’t hesitate to check out the range of super-bright 6000 lumens and above head torches. Brighten up your next camping experience thanks to the LedLenser camping and hiking head torches available here on eBay today.