Camera Lenses for Nikon

Expand your camera's options by adding a camera lens. Using a special type of lens, can allow you to do so much more with your photos. You'll find a variety of options with Nikon camera lenses, which will enhance your photography.

Type of Lens

Your first decision will most likely be the type of lens, which is dependent on what you want to accomplish with your photos. You can find telephoto lens for Nikon camera or a wide angle lens to give you a wider shot. There's the fisheye lens for Nikon camera or even just a standard lens. For close-up shots, a macro lens will be necessary.

Focal Length

The focal length is also important, which will either be fixed or allow you to zoom in on your subjects. Portrait photography may require a fixed lens while capturing wildlife on camera will most certainly mean you need to zoom in.

Type of Focus

Another consideration is the type of focus you need. If you like to focus on taking photos instead of setting your focus, an automatic focus lens is the way to go. However, if you like to play around with the focus and create unique images, a manual focus gives you more control. It also allows you to make the subject of your photo crisp and clear or blurred as well as altering the background in the same way. With the manual lens you are in total control with how you want your photos to look.


You'll find several brands of lens compatible with your Nikon camera. Nikon lens are designed to work with your camera and will provide the most accurate results. Other brands include Tamron, Sigma and Tokina. You can even find unbranded or generic lens that are compatible with your camera. Just make sure you know that the lens works with your exact model of camera.