Lenses for Sony Cameras

The biggest question to ask when looking for a new camera lens is whether it will fit on your Sony digital camera. Some camera accessories like a bag or a strap can be a little large and still work perfectly well; a lens that doesn't fit is effectively useless.

What about Mounts and Sensors?

Every picture you take with a digital camera depends on the interaction of two things: your lens and your sensor. Sony offers two different lens types each with its own lens mount:

  • E Mount Lens: Going with mirrorless cameras, Sony E-Mount lenses offer a full frame image with an APS-C sensor, and a smaller vignette image with a full-frame sensor.
  • A Mount Lens: For DSLR cameras, the larger A Mount lens gives you a full frame image with the full frame sensor, and a cropped central image with a smaller APS-C sensor.

Types of Lenses

While the mount may determine whether the lens fits your camera, it's not the only thing to consider. You can also get telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, and even filter lenses to help create the image you saw in your mind's eye.