Add Some Style And Organisation To Your Home With A Letter Rack

Do you just throw your letters and mail on the dining table when you get home? Then, when it’s dinner time, these just get put in a pile somewhere else and sometimes forgotten? And, worse still, you forget to pay bills on time because you haven’t even opened the envelope?

There’s an easy solution to this. It’s called a letter rack. Letter racks offer a simple way for you to stay organised and keep all your important mail in the one place. You can find a range of styles and models available on eBay.

Letter racks advantages

Letter racks are great for shared households because you can have a named slot for each person who receives mail. Then, whoever collects the mail just puts each envelope into the correct slot. You could also organise your slots by the type of mail that’s received. You could have one slot for bills, one for personal mail and one for general ‘To the household’ type mail.

Some letter racks also come with hooks to hang your keys on. This means no more searching for your keys when you’re rushing out the door.

Other uses for letter racks

There are plenty of other things you can use letter racks for aside from just holding your important mail. What about all those menus that you pick up from your local takeaway food places? A letter rack is great for holding these and you’ll always know where to find them.

You could also use a letter rack to hold notes for different members of the family. These could include appointment times, restaurant bookings or even love notes. A lot of letter racks can be mounted on the wall but there are also free-standing letter racks that you can place on your office desk or kitchen bench.

These could be very useful for holding recipe cards or even travel brochures. There are so many different uses for letter racks that you might need more than one. Shop online today and see what you can find.