Industrial Surveying Equipment

In a world where everyone has a GPS in their pocket it may be hard to imagine that they really aren't accurate enough for some uses. However, that's exactly why industrial surveying equipment exists. When you need absolutely precise measurements, you need to get skilled surveyors in there with the right tools to ensure they can get the job done right the first time.


While there is a lot of other industrial surveying equipment out there, the one tool that comes to mind when you think of surveying is the industrial theodolite. The purpose of a theodolite is to measure angles, both horizontally and vertically, with extreme accuracy. A good theodolite can measure to one tenth of a second of arc, which is barely more than half a millimetre at one kilometre's distance.


When surveying an industrial site, it's important to know just how flat it is, or perhaps how flat it isn't. An industrial level gives you the information you need to site equipment properly. You also use them for measuring elevation. Laser levels can tell you whether two points are at the same height all the way across your work site.


Any instrument is only as precise as the base it stands on. Industrial surveying tripods provide a secure and accurately measured stance for all your tools from theodolites to levels. Being a millimetre off at one end can mean a metre at the other, so tripods are the last place you can afford to skimp.


Few inventions have had the same effect on surveying as the laser. Unlike ordinary lights, lasers give you a perfectly straight line that you can trust for as far as you can see. The beam doesn't spread, so finding exact points up to 500 metres out is a snap. Many are self-leveling so you just have to point and push the button.