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Until the early 1700s, the majority of watch movements were modelled on the verge escapement. The verge escapement had been created in the 14th century for larger public clocks. This escapement didn't feature jewelling to offer protection for contact surfaces and involved a high level of friction. The result of this was that a watch featuring a verge escapement wasn't incredibly accurate. Today, you can still find verge watches, but they run incredibly quickly, sometimes gaining an extra hour by the day. Lever antique pocket watches online on eBay can help you stay on time and look great while doing it.

The lever escapement

The verge was replaced by the cylinder escapement which was created early on in the 18th century, with the level escapement arrived in 1755. As the end of the century neared, the lever escapement found its way into limited production. Josiah Emery and Abraham Louis Breguet put them into their watches. They were a far more effective way to tell time and were common by 1820. Today, the lever escapement is still used in mechanical watches.

Lever antique pocket watches

If you prefer a modern style of an antique pocket watch, then Hamilton antique pocket watches might be a great fit. They are an excellent blend of antique with a modern twist. Waltham pocket watches maintain the standard look of antiquity, with a more classic style versus options like the Illinois style of level antique pocket watches.

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