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Live In Your Levi’s With the 504 Jeans For Men

If there’s any name that’s associated with quality jeans around the world it’s Levi’s. From the 501s that were originally released way back in the 1800s, to the more recent 569s, there’s a pair of Levi’s jeans for everyone. One of the most popular versions is the 504s, and although Levi’s 504s aren’t in production anymore, but you can still nab yourself a great pair online.

About the 504s

The 504s are a regular straight leg, slim fit cut that actually came out after the 505s, which were first introduced to the world back in 1967. The 505s were the ultimate symbol of Levi’s, whether they were worn for workwear or up on stage in a live concert. They even appeared on the cover of Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album back in 1971.

The 504s were then released, and while they have most of the same features as the 505s, they have a narrower leg opening, a more fitted silhouette with less room in the thighs, and they sit lower on the waist.

Shopping for 504s jeans online – top tips

Shopping online for Levi’s jeans for men is always a challenge, which is why it’s so important for you to read the descriptions. When you do so, consider the following:

The fit: the most critical aspect, the 'fit' refers to the pants' entire appearance and feel, and with Levi's, this is either slim, regular, or relaxed. This fit refers to how snug the jeans are around your legs from top to bottom. Slim jeans cling to your legs, regular are a bit baggier, and relaxed are super loose.

The leg: there are three choices - tapered, straight, or boot cut. Tapered are fitted from hips to ankle, straight are the same width at the ankle as they are at the hip, and boot cut flare out at the base. The latter are designed to sit over work boots, and so on.

The rise refers to the measurement around the waist or hips and they are generally either low fitting or regular. Low jeans will hang on your hips, while regular sit low on the waist (above the hips).

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