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Levi's Denim Jeans for Men

When you hear someone mention Levi's denim clothing for men, the first thing that comes to mind is the company's iconic button-fly jeans. The brand boasts that they invented the blue jean and are continually reinventing what it means to wear them. The key to finding a pair of good-fitting jeans is to do the research.

Soft Cotton Denim

Denim fabric doesn't mean rough, scratchy, or uncomfortable to wear. The original 501 line is found in Levi's men's cotton jeans section because it is made with 100 percent cotton. It is ideal for all body types and sizes because the cut is neither too tight nor too loose. What's more, it features the button-fly style fastener, which is synonymous with the Levi's brand.

Regular Fit

The 505 line is a straight-fit jean with a classic style that sits just below the waist. It does have a slimmer leg than other styles, but it is not narrow enough to count as a skinny jean. 508 and 514 are also regular fit jeans that almost any body type can wear and look good doing it.

Loose Where You Need It

For the guy that needs a little extra room in his jeans, Levi Strauss Signature loose straight jeans are ideal. You get a fit that gives you the freedom to move around, bend, sit down, and stand up comfortably. These men's jeans feature a zipper fly.

It's in the Colour

Just like there are many different styles of Levi's men's denim jeans, there are also many shades of denim. For example, you might love blue but, but which one? Some options include dark, medium, or light-wash. Maybe you like the casual look of jeans but aren't crazy about the classic colour. In that case, black, grey, or white jeans fit better into your life.