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Levi's Denim Skirts for Women

Women’s Levis Denim Skirts

Great for casual outings, for work or for fun, Levi’s denim skirts for women are a classic look that never really goes out of style. Popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s, denim skirts are really making a comeback lately, and are a good fit for many different types of events. Shop long and short, ruffled and plain styles to complement your existing wardrobe and to showcase your definite sense of style.

Long Skirts

Long denim skirts are great for an autumn evening, for class or work. Pair with leggings for more warmth, or wear solo for a classic appeal. Look for different types of long denim skirts, such as wraparound styles, button-down styles and zippered styles. No matter the length, women’s Levi’s straight pencil skirts offer a slimming, organised look.

Short Skirts

Short skirts are fun, playful styles that add romance and mystique to a look. Opt for the classic women’s Levi’s denim mini skirt, or go for a mid-length style. Mini-skirts are a great choice for date night, for a night on the town, concerts or other fun events. Look for denim styles such as stonewashed for a retro, eclectic look.

Skirt Styles

There are different skirt styles when it comes to women’s skirts. Denim is a versatile material, and can be paired with different tops. Look for denim ruffled mini-skirts that give a definite 80’s vibe or long, thin denim skirts for fall or spring. Micro-mini skirts are wonderful for a night out, while mid-calf, poufy denim skirts are great for Sunday services.

Denim Types

Denim comes in many different colours and styles, and that’s not limited to only jeans. Look for stonewashed skirts, black denim or dark blue denim. Alternatively, you can also find other denim skirt colours, such as red, white, purple and more.