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The Levi's Company has deep roots. Their history stretches back to the Californian Gold Rush. It was San Francisco in 1853. Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss owned a dry goods company and saw the unique needs of the customers he served. Hard-working people need clothes that work hard for them. He joined forces with a tailor to create tough denim overalls reinforced with copper rivets.

It started as an invention to cater to hard-working Americans. It has grown since then and is now Levi's are for everyone. You will find them worn by miners and cowboys, rebels and rockstars, politicians and actors, and you. Levi's are for everyone.

Levi's Jeans for Men

Once upon a time, there was only one style of jean. Today, you have a world of options. Whether you prefer straight, slim or skinny fit, relaxed, regular or bootcut, tapered or loose - Levi's has got it. That's just the starting point of your denim journey, though. Levi's 501 might be the most famous pair of jeans, but that isn't your only option. You can also shop 504, 505, 511, 512, and 514.

While the world of denim might not be what it used to be… what you'll soon learn is that it's better. You will find a fit you love and enjoy clothing that works hard for you. Of course, it isn't just cuts and styles that you can choose from - there are also plenty of colour options to choose from, too. Which means you can buy a pair for every occasion.

Levi's Jeans for Women

Levi's caters for tall women, petite women, plus-size, and regular fit, too. Your options don't stop there, you can choose from straight fit, relaxed, flared, skinny, slim, bootcut, mom, boyfriend, wide leg, relaxed, and even jeggings. Whether you like the classic fit of the 501 or lean to the high-rise stretch of the 721, you are sure to find the perfect pair of Levi's for your style and needs.

Vintage or ripped, light blue or dark blue, white, black and everything in between. You can shop a wide range of style, model, and colour options with Levi's jeans. You can find a pair as casual or as dressy as you need them to be. Luckily, there are plenty of options that you can dress up or down as necessary. Versatile.

Levi's Shorts for Men

When it comes to Levi's shorts for men, you can stick with denim or you can opt for khakis, chinos or cargo pants. Whether you prefer 100% cotton, a cotton blend or linen, there is plenty of choose from. Linen shorts are ideal for the casual backyard barbecues you've been planning, while the heavier options are the perfect choice for cooler evenings. For more casual affairs, consider the classic 501 cutoffs. Keep it cool in blue or branch out with wild colours like pink, purple, red, green or even a patterned pair of Levi's shorts. There's something for everyone.

Levi's Pants for Men

Levi's don't just offer pants in the form of denim jeans. They are so much more than that. Whether you are looking for a tapered fit, slim or straight, Levi's pants has something for you. You can choose from linen, corduroy, 100% cotton or a cotton blend. In addition to classic chinos, there is a wide range of skateboarding work pants. You can stick with the classic colour options or get creative with more unique colours in corduroy. There's even camo to choose from, whether you're going paintballing or just chilling out with friends.

Levi's Shorts for Women

High-waisted Levi shorts, vintage cut-offs, hot pants and beyond. When it comes to Levi's shorts for women, there is plenty to choose from. Don't worry, if you prefer a longer short, Levi also offers comfortable denim Bermuda shorts. If you prefer wilder colours and designs, you will find tie-dye on offer, too. Levi's has you covered for just about any aesthetic preference and style.

Comfort, style, class… that's Levi's shorts for women. The perfect way to welcome summer and embrace the sun.

Levi's Vintage Jeans for Women

Jeans are a classic and it's fair to say that just about everyone on the planet owns at least one pair of jeans. Do you own a pair of vintage jeans, though? Levi's has a wide range of Levi's vintage jeans for women to shop. Moreover, if you want to stick with vintage but add a modern twist, you can do so with the vintage 501 collection that offers red, green, blue jeans and more.

The 517 bootcut vintage jeans are the perfect choice to wear with your favourite ankle boots, whether you're heading for dinner with friends or grabbing drinks with a date. They're as cool as they are classic. Take your new high-waisted mom jeans, roll them up, and kick back to enjoy a cool evening with friends around the fire.

Levi's Men's Coats and Jackets

There are few things as cool as a Levi's denim jacket, but Levi's has much more to offer in terms of coats and jackets. Yes, you can stick with denim if you like. However, there are also leather jackets, cotton, polyester, cotton blend, and fleece jackets and coats to choose from, too.

Grab a sherpa-lined trucker jacket for hikes in cooler weather. Pair a slick black leather bomber jacket with a pair of classic 501 jeans and a white t-shirt. The look embraced by rockers like Elvis and TV characters like the Fonz has never gone out of style. It's cool, it's classic and it should be part of every wardrobe. There are also leather western style bombers for men who prefer a more country feel to their wardrobe.

Whether you're Levi's loyal or just dipping your toe in the denim waters, you will find a wide range of options when you shop with eBay. Tops, jeans, shorts, jackets, and coats - you can go denim or keep it chino. Explore Levi Strauss Company with eBay and enjoy the comfort.

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