Lib Tech

Tear up the mountain with Lib Tech snowsports gear

Lib Tech is a US-based manufacturer of innovative snowsports equipment. The company created its own pioneering Banana Technology which sees the camber area of the snowboard arc downwards as opposed to upwards. This technology is designed to focus edge pressure between the feet, therefore bringing what is known as the ‘dead zone' to life.

Many Lib Tech snowboards with Banana Technology are available here on eBay, perfect for beginners and professional boarders alike. Discover snowboards, ski boards, and skis as well as various types of Lib Tech skiing and snowboarding goods.

Lib Tech snowboards

There are many different Lib Tech snowboards available, including the Burtner Box Scratcher, Banana Blaster, Skate Banana, Travis Rice Pro, and the Skunk Ape. A wide range of patterns and colours are on offer with some featuring visually striking designs, and there are snowboards for men, women, and children included in the range. Many snowboards are part of different collections, which include the Travis Rice, Jamie Lynn, and Burtner Box ranges. There are many options to choose from when it comes to size and width, ensuring that there's something for everyone who loves racing through the snow

Lib Tech ski boards

Some of the most popular Lib Tech ski boards are the Backwards, UFO 100, Wreckcrate 90, Wunderstick, and Mega Pow. Many different sizes and waist widths are available for people of different skill levels. The Wreckcrate 110 is another high-profile board and features art from Tim Zimmerman as well as Magne-Traction serrated edge technology. Lib Tech frequently updates their existing boards whilst launching new products onto the market, letting you choose the most updated versions of their high-quality equipment.

Lib Tech clothing

Alongside skis, ski boards, and snowboards, Lib Tech produces their own range of clothing. Go for a Lib Tech skiing jacket in a bright red, orange, and yellow design.