Create your own unique look with Liberty women's Clothing on eBay today! 

For 12 years, Liberty fabrics have teamed up with Sportscraft to create a range of easy-to-wear feminine pieces that will see you through a range of different occasions. Liberty is famous for its floral prints and each garment in the range is designed to help you express your own unique character with a colourful aesthetic. 

Liberty has been going strong since 1875, when it started in Regent Street, London, producing classic fabrics used in the manufacture of women's clothing. Since then, the brand has been providing the fashion world with its own signature range of colourful shirts, dresses and accessories. Since teaming up with Sportscraft, the fabric house continues this tradition with a new range of fashion shirts, skirts, dresses and accessories. 

Liberty style come in fitted and formal, as well as light and leisurely, which gives you endless opportunities to mix and match your own style. Choose from tailored button-up shirts, embroidered shirts and skirts, or fitted and loose fitting dresses. 

Liberty by Sportscraft has looks suitable for summer, and winter, and makes transitioning between seasons easy with its cotton fabrics in a colour palette of blues, navy, soft pinks and crisp whites and creams. 

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