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G9 Light Bulbs

Designed for a broad range of domestic uses, G9 light bulbs have a bi-pin connector instead of a screw-type socket. They are made to increase light output without sacrificing their lifespans. You can find them in various wattages, with features to suit your lifestyle and save electricity.


For low-watt usage, use G9 25W light bulbs in accent-lighting, ovens, and refrigerators. Increase the wattage with G9 60W light bulbs for more energy output and brightness. A 60W bulb produces, on average, 830 lumens and a 75 watt bulb emits approximately 1,400 lumens. Put the higher wattage bulbs into lamps to read, complete computer tasks, or for any close-up work.


Depending on the manufacturer, a G9 light bulb is dimmable so you can create ambient lighting or conserve energy. Moreover, these bulbs are budget-friendly as they have an average lifespan of roughly 30,000 hours or more. Chip on board or COB and LED technologies join forces to reduce glare, use less electricity, and produce very little heat. You'll also find inventories of SES G9 bulbs that fit the inside of decorative fixtures, such as chandeliers. You may also prefer G9 bulbs over UV lighting because they do not emit UV radiation.

Bulb Uses

G9 bulbs can fit into pendant lights found in kitchens and dining rooms and convenience lights found in cabinets and drawers. G9s can also power car lights as well as dusk to dawn sensors in security lighting. Moreover, they fit into downlights recessed into the ceiling to create a spotlight effect above entertainment centres or kitchen areas.

Styles and Bulb Shapes

G9 light bulb styles run the gamut of shapes. Modern and contemporary bulbs such as conical and candelabra shapes are sleek and unobtrusive, harmonising with furnishings and other design elements. No matter your sense of style, there are Art Deco, romantic, and retro-looking bulbs in globe, capsule, and other shapes that highlight, rather than deter from your decor.

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