Light Bulbs

Using Light

Light bulbs provide more than just light – they can also work to create a certain atmosphere. Anyone who knows anything about design understands the importance of light and the effect it can have on a room. Coloured lights are perhaps on the more obvious end of the scale, changing the look of a room in a way that is apparent to any onlooker. Red lights signal a bordello style, while blue, green and yellow lights can have an almost cartoonish effect. However, there are much more subtle ways to use light, with simply beautiful results.   Harsh lighting, especially fluorescent lighting, can feel overly bright. It can make a room feel like a hospital, putting its visitors at unease. By using softer lighting, softer tones, the room becomes much more inviting, it becomes a relaxing place to be. Lighting also doesn’t have to come from the ceiling. Spotlights can be used on stairs, beneath cabinets, and against textured walls to create interesting light and shadow effects. Spotlights and lamps can also be angled, drawing the eye to certain highlighted features within the room.

Adapting Design

The type of light bulb used can also help to create a certain look from a certain era. Using the right light bulb can allow designers to recreate an art deco look, or simply a vintage or retro feel. Prefer a more modern look? Light bulbs can be modern and contemporary, or elegant and chic. Used with the right fitting, lamp or lampshade, light bulbs can provide any kind of look at all.   But it’s not all about looks. Factors such as energy efficiency can be just as important. Energy efficient light bulbs can help save energy, and can last much longer before having to be replaced. Different types of bulbs can also have different life spans. An LED bulb, for example, will usually live a much longer life than a halogen bulb. But, it’s worth bearing in mind that each type of bulb offers a different look. LED bulbs can be brighter and starker, while halogen bulbs can be warmer and softer, creating a glow rather than a harsh light. Time to start shopping? With a vast array of light bulbs, eBay makes shopping for globes easy. Whether it’s a HID bulb, a candle bulb or an incandescent bulb, eBay has a huge selection of light bulbs to choose from, in a great range of styles, sizes and colours.