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Anderson plugs are ideal for tough environments where you need a rugged, durable connector capable of low voltage, high current applications. These plugs are suitable for solar panels, dual battery systems, fridges, 4WD, caravans and more. Commonly used to connect auxillary power from a vehicle to a trailer, these plugs offer a reliable weather and vibration resistant connection.

Why use Anderson style plugs?

Originally designed by Anderson Power Products, this is a genderless connection system capable of providing a simple budget solution for power interconnection. It has become the industry standard for applications such as backup power, automotive power, forklift batteries, telecommunications and data transmission. It is a heavy duty, highly reliable design. You may need Anderson plugs for your trailer, boat or caravan connections, for connecting electric winches to your boat trailer, for use on pumps and sprayers, or anywhere a battery requires constant removal.

How do Anderson plugs work?

An Anderson plug is made from impact resistant polycarbonate. The silver plated solid copper terminals offer low resistance for superior conductivity. The high tension springs keep the plug contacts locked in a solid connection. Contacts can either be soldered or crimped, and you can findnetwork cable crimping toolson eBay. Importantly these plugs are mechanically keyed, meaning only plugs of the same colour can be mated. The plugs are colour coded for easy identification. If youre looking for othercomputer audio cables and adapters, check out eBays massive range.

Anderson plug 50 or 350

The Anderson style plug can have a 50amp rating or a 350amp rating, and an operating voltage of 12V or 24V. The maximum voltage is 600V. They can be used for cables up to around 13.3 square millimetres.

Package options

Anderson plugs are generally available in packs of 4, 5, 10, 20 or more. A box of 10 Anderson style plugs comes with 20 terminals.

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