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Lighted Magnifying Glass

Lighted Magnifying Glass Loupes

Precision workmanship demands not only steady hands but also an eagle’s eye for small detail. Walk into the workshop of a watchmaker, a model maker or a jewellery smith, and you’re sure to find at least some sort of loupe. This technology has been around since Ancient Greece, but modern developments in glassmaking and LED lighting technology have allowed for exciting new innovations. Bright but lightweight head torches and compact but precise miniature camera microscopes and lenses are only a few examples. New handheld magnifying glasses also feature LED systems to increase visibility.

Innovative Loupes

Modern jewellery loupes and head torches have a couple of small but illuminating LEDs at the tip of the visor, which also feature interchangeable dual-lens glass loupes for increasing magnification power. For examining circuit boards or making elaborate but precise patterns on a ring, a lighted lamp desk magnifier is essential to get every intricacy correctly while stamp magnifiers are great for examining bank notes and rare stationery like stamps.

Mini Microscopes

Use pocket microscopes for examining outdoor and indoor objects in great detail. Some designs have a built-in LED light system to expose every nook and cranny of that critter you’ve caught in glorious 60-times zoom. These inexpensive but valuable educational tools are good for introducing children to the hidden world around them. Older mini microscopes work through sunlight, but since LEDs are bright and small, new designs have the upper hand with excellent visibility even in the dark.

Camera Loupes

Just like pocket microscopes, camera loupes are able to magnify up to 100 times but hook up to a smartphone camera to record or capture everything. This also means that the bigger your phone screen is, the more people will be able to enjoy the magnified object. These also have their own LED lighting system. Some designs clip easily on many smartphone cameras, but others must be screwed into a proprietary phone case.