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Lightweight buggies to allow you to travel with ease

Once your baby can sit up unaided, and maybe even walk a little bit, you will find that its not necessary to always have your pram or all-terrain stroller with you. In some situations, like busy airports or shopping malls, it can even start to seem a little cumbersome.

If youve reached that stage and you simply cant juggle the toddler, the shopping bag and the pram, then the time has come for you to look for a lightweight buggy travel system, with plenty strollers on eBay to choose from.

Lightweight strollers and buggies

The idea of a lightweight pram, is that its compact and easy to use. With its lightweight properties, this means it is great to manoeuvre and easily adjustable or to fold away and pop in the car, on a bus or carry onto a plane. Many parents also use them as a jogger stroller, when out exercising.

Lightweight strollers are specifically designed for toddlers who are on the cusp of walking everywhere, but still tire easily and need to catch a lift every now and again. Most designs have a low seat and allow your toddler to climb in and out unaided. Although once theyre in, a secure harness prevents them from toppling or jumping out when youre on the move.

Lightweight stroller features and materials

Toddlers still need to nap, so a useful feature of many lightweight strollers is a reclining backrest, allowing you to shift your little one into a laid-back position at naptime. Some have a true lie-back positioned seat, making them a suitable pram for a newborn as well as an older infant.

Canopies and rain covers on the stroller make useful accessories for protecting your baby from the elements when youre travelling. Some buggies have a removable front bar which comes in handy as your child gets older.

You can select from a variety of lightweight strollers on eBay, choosing your colour and functionalities as required.

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