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The American brand has been a favourite among professional musicians and hobbyist music makers since its inception in 1996. In the last quarter of a century, Line 6's product line has expanded to include electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects processors and more. Now one of the most revered instruments and accessory companies around, Line 6 is the go-to music brand for bands like AFI, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins and countless others. Line 6 even featured in Guitar Hero World Tour, providing digital sounds for videogame fans.

You'll find hundreds of Line 6 items on eBay. There are all kinds of guitars, including acoustic, bass, electric, acoustic-electric and classical. Looking for an amplifier? You'll find combo, head and cabinet amplifiers with a range of capabilities. Shop by category, or create your own custom price range to make sure you can only see affordable results. Alternatively, you can take part in an auction to be in the best chance of finding a great bargain. 

Make like Ed Sheeran and play with an effects pedal board. Choose between Line 6 pedals built for chorus, custom effects, filters, fuzz, loops, volume and much more. There are dozens of guitar accessories too, from cables, capos and cases to straps, picks and stands. Rocked out too hard and caused your guitar an injury? Get replacements Line 6 parts to get you back up and running on eBay.